Insight Plant | Who we are
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Who we are

Insight Plant is

a wisdom partner to unlock people and organization’s potentials to make breakthrough

We understand

  • People and Leaders’ inner motives & needs, emotion, behaviors and dilemma
  • Organization’s structure, dynamics, context, interconnectedness
  • How people and organization are interconnected with organization’s core values, processes, technologies, culture, internal & external environments
  • How to enhance people and organization’s capabilities and performances

We have

  • Deep hands-on experiences working with leaders and leadership teams in high performing multi-national companies and Korean companies
  • Vast skills, knowledge and expertise in developing leaders and re-inventing organizations for today and tomorrow
  • Passion, Creative Energies and Powerful Insights to bring people and organization’s potential to life

Chihyun Park

Founder: Entrepreneur, Global HR Consultant,

Organization Development Practitioner and Professional Coach

(Certified Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach and KAC)

Over the last 30 years, he’s been building unique combinations of experiences, expertise and insights in

  • R&D, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources,
  • Korean Conglomerates (OCI and CJ) & Multi-national Companies (Novartis and Syngenta), and
  • Korea, APAC Region and Global viewpoints.

He has deep, hands-on skills, knowledge and experiences in design and facilitation of Learning & Development and Organization Development interventions – capability building, strategic planning, post-merger integration, culture change, transformation design, organization design, leading and managing change, leadership development, team development, coaching, cross-cultural management – and Strategic HR and Global HR.

  • Nov02 ~ Apr04  OD Manager, Syngenta Korea
  • May05 ~ Apr13  Regional People and Organization Development Manager, Regional HR Head, NEA & ASEAN HR Head, Syngenta APAC (Singapore based)
  • May13 ~ Dec15  Head of Global HR, CJ Group

Also Chihyun is a professional coach, certified from Gallup (Clifton StrengthsFinder)

and Korea Coach Association (KAC).