Insight Plant | What we do
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What we do

We design and facilitate interventions to

  • align organization’s design and activities with the organization’s ambition and strategy
  • clarify leader’s role and make them work together in service of the organization’s purpose
  • focus organization’s efforts to free up time in order to release energy and creativity

Organization Development and HR Consulting

OD and HR consulting to assess, design and implement systemic change and help HR leaders playing as business partner and consultant


Organization Capabilities

Assess, design and development planning of organization capabilities to ensure linking strategic, operational and behavioral components of clients’ organization to create distinct values

  • the right processes in place (commercial, functional) together with
  • the right organization (culture, structure) and
  • the right people (skills, knowledge, behaviors)
  • enabled by technology to deliver the business strategy


Organization Design

Design or re-design clients’ organization to ensure aligning choices and systems to deliver their strategies

  • align strategy
  • build operating model
  • develop org design
  • design and implement transition and change plan

Trainings and Workshops

Soft Skills Trainings

Customized design and facilitation to enhance critical people skills i.e.

  • leadership and coaching skills
  • problem solving and decision making skills
  • selling skills
  • communication & presentation skills
  • high performance team development
  • creative facilitation skills
  • cross-cultural knowledge and skills etc.


Co-creative Conferences, Workshops and Meetings

Design and catalyzation of co-creative conferences, workshops and meetings i.e.

  • visioning conferences or workshops to co-create organizations or teams’ vision
  • creative workshops/meetings to explore breakthrough ideas or solutions
  • team building, development events


Strategic Planning

Design and facilitation of strategic planning workshops or meetings

  • define strategy and/or direction
  • make decisions on allocating their resources
  • agree key milestones and timelines
  • set control mechanisms to ensure implementation of the strategy

Leadership Development and Coaching

Integrated and customized design and facilitation of leadership development and coaching programs to individual leaders and leadership teams

  • assess leaders or leadership teams’ strengths and pain points
  • design integrated and customized programs i.e. change leader program, coaching leader program, strengths based leadership and coaching program, leadership coaching, business coaching, masterful coaching etc.
  • create open and creative learning environment
  • help leaders learning new skills and knowledge and cultivating new insights
  • use action learning and
  • pre- & post-coaching sessions

Leading and Managing Change

Transformation Design

providing design expertise and coaching to leaders and teams to identify and implement systemic change in their system


Organizational Change Capability

  • building change infrastructure and developing change agents
  • embedding change programs consistent with change management disciplines
  • upskilling leaders to lead change
  • providing tools, frameworks and hands-on trainings for effective management of change


Culture Change

designing and delivering experiences that shift capability, mindset and

ways of working that enable an innovation culture

Global HR

Help organizations and leaders to develop organizational and individual capabilities at global scale

  • assess clients’ current state global capabilities – process, organization, people and technology – and identify priority areas
  • co-creation of global people strategy and HR strategy with HR and business leaders
  • develop short-term and long-term development roadmap
  • design and implement priority global capability development programs
  • establish sound processes and platform
  • train leaders to aware and develop cross-cultural capabilities and diversity